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Welcome to Sheeps and Peeps Farm…

We are presently raising a small spinners’ flock of registered Border Leicesters, Border Leicester crosses, registered Lincoln Longwools, Wensleydale and Coopworth crosses. We have a wonderful variety of ewes with long and lustrous fleeces full of crimp and curl. Our fleece is sold in the spring and fall, and we hope to offer handspun yarn in the future.

Sheeps and Peeps Farm is also the home of Madison Run Border Leicesters. We love their regal, alert appearance, with head and legs free of wool. The arched Roman nose and long, erect ears give the Border Leicester a stylish, distinctive look.

The Border Leicester is a dual purpose breed of sheep, producing both meat and wool. It has a longer loin and leaner meat than many sheep of its size, but we chose them because their wool falls in long, shining locks that are popular with hand spinners.


Border Leicester wool is long and lustrous with a spinning count from 40s to 50s (38-30 microns). The ideal fleece falls in well defined "pencil" locks with purled tips ending in a small curl, usually measures 6-10 inches after a year's growth.

Border Leicester fleece often yields 70% wool after scouring, one of the highest of all.

Queen Elizabeth’s spring fleece

We have purchased Liam, Spring Breeze 5017, to be our stud ram for fall 2006 breeding. Liam was Reserve Champion at the Maryland State Fair and The Great Frederick Fair. He placed 2nd Late Jr. Ram at 2005 NAILE. We are very excited that he has joined our flock; thanks to Kelly Mansfield at Spring Breeze Farm.
We will have registered lambs for sale in spring 2007.



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